Crystal for Import &Export

Crystal Import & Export Company considers as a mediator between the major manufacturers of household appliances and wholesalers who do their part in the distributing such appliances in the local market.  The company also plays its role through selecting high quality devices from major companies, importing them and selling them in the local market at competitive prices.

We Import all kind of Home Appliances and from all over the world

Company Interested

The company is interested in all the appliances required by the customer in order to build a modern and integrated kitchen. Therefore, the company imports all modern kitchen appliances such as (Refrigerators- washing machines- dishwashers- cookers and built-in stoves- hoods- freezers- microwaves – vacuum cleaners – water cooler- …), so as to help the customer to meet all the needs hereof.

Therefore, our primary goal is to provide the best types of modern and fashionable household appliances with competitive prices and quality of global standards. So, our choices are always the responsibility of major international manufacturers of modern household appliances.

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